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Our customers are on a Net Zero journey

Get to know your grid

We use simple and transparent techniques, we have no 'black boxes', with the support you need to make bold Net Zero decisions.

Quick setup

The tranzparent app can analyse any gas or power grid, of any size, anywhere in the world, quickly and accurately.

Easy to use

Have all the information at your finger tips through our forthcoming web portal.


You can customize any study to reflect your own assumptions.

A suite of tools at your disposal

tranzparent can be used by anyone, you do not need to be an energy geek.



This product allows the user access to the current tranzparent run for the UK grid now (2019 historical) and in five years’ time in 2024. The full range of reports can be accessed and downloaded to Excel. PowerPoint for Word. tranzparent will update its UK 5 year forecast every quarter.


A supported service - your own study populated with a dataset cloned from previous work that you use to add in your own assumptions. Our staff will guide you

Product name

Energy Futures

‘Futures’ – this is the ability to run tranzparent now and plus 5, 10 or 15 years hence for a client to use their own assumptions for power assets, demand (including tranzparent demand forecasts) new generation or storage asset types, your own assumptions for costs of fuels and carbon etc.

"I'm surrounded by smart folk with 'black box' models, they provide answers but do not help me to explain them.

The tranzparent app  is exactly that - transparent, I know and understand what is assumed and how the results are constructed.

I value that."

A photo of Shaun Benson, Marketing Manager, Agriflora Inc.
Energy Futures specialist

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